Temporary Work: Your Bridge to a New Job (Show Notes)

This past Saturday, my BlogTalkRadio Show, Career Talk with Holly Bunn, focused on how to earn an income while looking for a job by accepting temporary and contract work. In case you missed the show, click here to listen to the recording.

I was joined by special guest, Patsy Silva, a recruiter with 15+ years of experience.  During the show, Patsy shared some of the benefits of working a temporary assignment while job searching.

Reasons to consider temporary work. 

  • Sharpen your skill set(s) while on the job.
  • Exposure to hiring managers for permanent positions. The temporary assignment can be a working interview because managers are able to see you in action at work.
  • Try before you buy – determine if the culture is the right fit while on the job and earning a paycheck with very little to lose if it doesn’t work out.  Try the job before you take the permanent job.
  • Generate an income while still searching for a permanent job. Temporary jobs often pay double what unemployment pays (in the United States).

Did you know?  As a temporary worker, you are often eligible for health benefits after working a number of hours with the temporary agency.  Ask your recruiter when you accept a position.
plans for temp work

According to CareerBuilder’s 2015 US Job Forecast report, 46% of employers plan to hire temporary workers in 2015. As a result,  the temporary job market is highly competitive.  This means anyone looking for temporary work must bring their “A” game to win the job assignment.

During the show, I asked Patsy to share some of her best tips for candidates to land a temporary job.

Tips for landing a temporary job.  

  • Submit an error free resume – is the key to opening the door.  The resume must be nearly perfect.  Consider hiring a professional like Holly Bunn to give you an advantage.
  • Create a professional voicemail – set up a professional voice mail with a silent background.  Remove songs and other distractions.  Click here for examples on creating a great voicemail.
  • Set up a professional email address and send error free messages – ensure your email address is professional (first and last name) and your message is grammatically correct and error free.  Remember, the interview starts from the first point of contact which is often an email or voicemail.
  • Find a quiet place to return phone calls or conduct a phone interview – minimize background noise. Ensure your communication is clear and energetic.

Jump start your job search for temporary work by searching for top temporary agencies by industry: http://www.bestofstaffing.com/for-job-seekers/agencies-by-industry/ 


Be passionate about your career and job search.  Invest time in your job search by formulating a plan to include temporary work.  Seek out positions that will expand your skill set and position you for success. Bring your “A” game by including up-to-date tools and refined skills.  You can win if you prepare and seize opportunities when they arrive.

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Holly Bunn is a resume writer, career coach, and motivational speaker with more than 15 years of experience in Human Resources, recruiting, and technology.  Her clients have secured interviews with Fortune 100 companies.  She is sought after as a subject matter expert on LinkedIn and has delivered workshops and speeches to hundreds of job seekers.  For more information on career coaching or resume help, contact Holly at (305) 791-6965 or holly@msresumehelp.com. 


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