3 Tips on Turning Black Friday Into Job Search Gold!

A couple of years ago, I posted job search tips that were better than a stuffed turkey on my blog. This year, I’m offering three updated job search tips that could turn your Black Friday into job search gold!

As you stuff yourself with turkey and all the fixings this Thanksgiving, be sure your job search stays strong.

“But Holly, no one is hiring during the holidays.”

Wrong! Employers are still looking for new candidates, even more during the holiday season to quickly fill those year-end quotas.  Don’t make the costly mistake of many job seekers which is taking a vacation from the job hunt on Black Friday.  What a huge mistake and costly mistake this can be for many in more ways than one!  The savvy job seeker (hint -hint – that’s you) should be using the holiday season to get a leg up on the competition.  To help you, here are my three best job search tips for the Black Friday without all the stuffing:

  1. Do not go Shopping on Black Friday! While it is very tempting to take advantage of a few sales during Black Friday, use this time to polish up your resume and interviewing skills.  Focus on finding a job before you spend loads of money.  No need to rack up credit cards before you land the new job.  Believe me, your competition is most likely shopping anyway.  So give yourself a leg up while the competition is low.
  2. Black Friday is Apply Day. Many employers post jobs on Fridays and Black Friday is no exception.  Use Black Friday as a time to apply for open positions while your competition is shopping. Trust me, recruiters will be checking resumes on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday following Black Friday.  Remember this rule, first in often wins.  Be the first to apply and get seen earlier than your competition.
  3. Digitize Your Resume. Did you know that the wrong font and file format can kill a good resume?  Get your resume ready for the technology managing your resume with a simple task: change resume font so that it is ready for online profiles/applications: Arial is one of the best fonts since it is san serif and easily read by application databases.  Also, use no more than 12 points (11 is preferred) and no less than 10 points.  Stay away from Times/Time Roman as it often translates into unreadable text.  The best font is Courier New as this is a universal font for all databases.   It may not be pretty in the UI (user interface) but it’s a beauty to the software that is managing your resume.   

    >>Expert resume tip: When copying and pasting your resume into an application, remove all formatting (bullets, bolds, underlines, etc.) and flush all text to the left.  Removing the formatting makes it easier to read in the database and will increase your odds of getting past the technology.

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Holly Bunn is a career coach, resume writer, LinkedIn profile writer, and motivational speaker with more than 15 years of experience in Human Resources, recruiting, and technology. She is sought out as a subject matter expert on resumes, LinkedIn, job search, and career management. Holly has delivered job search workshops and written resumes for hundreds of job seekers who have secured interviews and landed jobs. Her clients experience success almost immediately after applying her winning techniques. For more information on career coaching or resume help, contact Holly at (305) 791-6965 or holly@msresumehelp.com.


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