Do it Now! Your Future Self Will Thank You.

It’s that time of year when we make resolutions and promises about the great things we will achieve in the coming year.  But more often than not, the dream is morbidly deferred to its eternal resting place on the unfinished “maybe one day” to-do list.  This time of year should mean a chance at a new beginning.

To quote a modern form of communication, the meme, “Do Something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Taking the First Step

The message is simple yet deeply impactful.  Get started right now on your dreams, projects, or your career.  Nothing is worse than realizing what could have been if you had just gotten started.  Do not defer your dreams or plans any longer. 2018 will be here in 364 days.  Why not arrive at this time next year doing something more than what you are doing today? Perhaps it’s finishing a degree, acquiring a certification, a promotion, a new job, career change, or starting your own business.  Whatever your dreams or goals, you already have the most important ingredient, your vision.  Why not take it to the next level and get started?

Getting Started is Scary…

What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes, doing something new can be very scary and filled with lots of fear, mostly of the unknown.  But that’s exactly what fear is…the unknown.  Instead of thinking the worst, think of the unknown possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.

I have crafted tried and true ways of getting started by turning your dreams into goals. These four steps are the first phase of making sure your goals actually get done this year.

Steps to Getting Started on Your Goals: 

1. Write down ALL of your goals.  Write down every goal – big and small. Knowing goals in your head is not the same as writing them down. Written goals are more real and you remember them better.   For example, if your goal is to acquire a degree, write something like “Earn a Bachelor’s degree.” It’s just that simple.

2. Prioritize each goal.  Setting a priority to each goal helps organize the list.  If you give each goal a priority it makes the intent real and gives it a sense of urgency.  For example, assign a letter to each goal such as A, B, or C where A is the highest priority.

3. Add due dates to each of your goals.  Adding a due date holds you accountable. Without a date, the goal becomes a suggestion.

4. Write the steps needed to achieve your goals.  All goals need an action plan or they have the risk of failure. Writing steps down makes the vision clearer about what investments (time, money, resources, etc.) are needed to actually make it happen.

 Be sure to sit in a place or environment that is relaxing or inspiring to you when going through this process.  Try not to complete this process while multi-tasking or otherwise distracted so that you are focused.  You may need to revisit this list often at least every three months to recalibrate or mark off completed goals.

Your dreams are possible if you just take the first step.  You already have what it takes… YOU!  So go ahead, begin now.  This time next year, your 2018 self will be so thankful and grateful to your 2017 self for getting started.

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Holly Bunn
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